TimberTech® Decking - RadianceRail®

RadianceRail® is a railing system that features a no visible hardware and smooth lines. RadianceRail® rail features four different infill options. RadianceRail® Express is a more economical and faster installation solution with traditional balusters and capped rail components. Choose from RadianceRail® for a more modern look, or choose the more economical RadianceRail® Express for a more classic, practical look.



It's all about sophistication. Smooth lines. No visible hardware. Both add to the high-end look of RadianceRail® composite railing, TimberTech’s most sought-after railing product. RadianceRail® composite railing colors match or complement all our planks. You can mix and match differing post and rail colors, curve the rail and add a deck lighting system for a truly upscale look that reflects their unique styles. Gates are also available. [SEE RADIANCERAIL® COLLECTION PRODUCTS]

RadianceRail® Express

It's all about speed. Proven quality. Affordable price. RadianceRail Express provides a high-quality capped wood composite railing system made from similar material as RadianceRail – and is available at a best-in-class value. RadianceRail Express combines proven durability with quick, intuitive installation. [SEE RADIANCERAIL® EXPRESS COLLECTION PRODUCTS]