Weyerhaeuser Lumber Edge Gold™ Panels

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™ panels have a 50-year limited warranty. The 50-year limited warranty is proof Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™ panels perform. Thanks to patent-pending Down Pore® self-draining technology and a proprietary edge seal, our panels withstand the elements so well that they can allow framers to extend their building season. We also provide a 200-day “no sand” limited warranty.

Each panel is touch-sanded to provide a uniform appearance and tighter thickness tolerances. The face of every panel is stamped with a fastening template and each bundle ships face-up, ready for easy and accurate installation right off the truck. Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels install flat, stay flat and look good for customer walkthroughs.


Watch Down Pore in Action


Edge Gold™ Panels Deliver

50-year limited warranty
200-day no-sand limited warranty
Down Pore self-draining technology
Touch-sanded face for uniform thickness
Precise tongue-and-groove fit
Every panel ships working-side up
No more drilling holes to let rainwater through


Design & Specification

Specifier’s Guide for Weyerhaeuser Edge and Edge Gold Floor Panels North America: OSB-4000


Installation Guides

Floor, Roof, and Wall Panel Installation North America: OSB-4004

Hardwood Strip Flooring and Edge and Edge Gold OSB Structural Panels North America: OSB-4005

Ceramic Tile Floors and Edge and Edge Gold OSB Structural Panels North America: OSB-4006


Product Overviews

Edge Floor Panels North America: OSB-4001



Weyerhaeuser Edge Structural Panels Warranty North America: OSB-1000


Save Up To $300 on Edge Gold™ Panels

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