Construction Hardware

It all comes together with construction hardware, fasteners, nails, steel plates, and other various hardware. We offer a wide variety and deep selection of various construction hardware for all your needs. Contractors and builders, please feel free to contact us with your hardware schedules for price quotes.



We have nails for every purpose: Aluminum nails, Box nails, Brad, Tacks, Casing nails, Roofing nails, Coil nails, Common Framing nails, Copper nails Corrugated fastener, Double-headed, Drywall nails, Fiber cement nails, Finish nails, Joist hanger (Teco) nails, Masonry, Plastic strip nails, Gutter spikes, Ring shank nails, Screw (helical) nails, Shake (shingle) nails, Square/Cut nails, and Wire nails, and Wire-weld collated nail (use in nail guns).

Screws & Fasteners

Need it fastened or screwed, we have every type of fastener and screw: Deck screws, Drywall screws, Flat head screws, Wood screws, Sheet Metal screws, Shoulder screws, Slotted, Phillips and Square drive screws, Round and Pan head screws, Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, Flat and Oval Head screws, Security Head screws, Hex Washer Head and Truss Head screws, Machine screws, Socket screws, Allen/Hex Socket and Torx screws, Button Head screws, and Coarse and Fine Threaded screws.

Nuts & Bolts

We have the "nuts and bolts" of it all: Anchor bolts, Carriage bolts, Eye bolts, Hanger bolts, Hex bolts, J-Bolts, Lag bolts, Socket bolts, U-Bolts. Phillips, Slotted, Combination, Allen, Hex, Square and Torx headed bolts. Flat, Fender, Finishing, Split Lock, External Tooth Lock, Internal Tooth Lock, Square, Dock and Sealing type washers. Hex, Heavy Hex,Nylon Insert Lock, Jam, Wing, Cap/Acorn, Flange, Tee, Coupling, Square, Prevailing Torque Lock, K-Lock, and Slotted/Castle nuts.

General Hardware

Great hardware products and advice from Cabinet hardware, Chains, Clips, Furniture hardware, Gate hardware, Handles, Hooks, Joist Hangers, Latches, Marine hardware, Padlocks, Picture Hangers, Pins, Rings, Rivets, Staples, Steel Rods Flats & Angles, Structural hardware, Window hardware, and Wire/Wire Rope, to other general hardware.